Let’s say that you have a research paper, and you need a few more resources (or works cited).  Maybe you want to eat more vegetables and need help finding more vegetarian meals.  Did you know that Google Alerts is a free Research App?

For example, I like to use Google Alerts (research app) to keep up with the lastest information in the financial and the computer industries.  Basically, you setup a Google alert on a topic of your choice, and Google will e-mail you customized information. (usually Google alerts will allow you to setup the alerts on a daily or weekly basis)

If you would like to test out the Google Research App, follow the steps below:

  1. go to http://www.google.com/alerts
  2. enter the topic of your choice  (for example, accounting, Microsoft, investing or other topic of your choice)
  3. enter the e-mail address that you would like the topic sent to
  4. chose the option to **Create an Alert**
  5. if you choose, you can setup multiple alerts (by repeating the steps above)
  6. if you choose, you can delete/stop the alerts when you no longer need them

~ Payne ~