Several of my students have expressed an interest in starting their own business.

In the past, I’ve worked a side-job (a home-based computer consulting) to earn extra  money to supplement my teaching.  I helped small businesses  create/ maintain their websites and trained employees one-on-one in their offices.   It was challenging because I was still teaching full time, but computer consulting was rewarding , and it allowed me to do networking.

My advice to anyone thinking about starting his or her own business:

  1. do your homework (read up-to-date books, articles, etc. on starting a business)
  2. talk to others who have their own business for advice
  3. take advantage of the **free** training and resources available via the Small Business Administration website.   (

The (Small Business Administration) (SBA )website usually has a newsletter that you can subscribe to and get e-mail alerts of upcoming webinars and workshops.  ~ Payne