Several of my students have expressed an interest in starting their own business.

In the past, I’ve worked a side-job (a home-based computer consulting) to earn extra revenue (or income).  I helped small businesses  create/ maintain their websites and trained employees one-on-one in their offices.   It was challenging because I was still teaching full time, but computer consulting was rewarding  and provided me with additional income.

My advice to anyone thinking about starting his or her own business

  1. do your homework (read up-to-date books, articles, etc. on starting a business)
  2. talk to others who have their own business for advice
  3. take advantage of the **free** training and resources available via the Small Business Administration website.   (

The (Small Business Administration) (SBA )website usually has a newsletter that you can subscribe to and get e-mail alerts of upcoming webinars and workshops.  ~ Payne