There are times in the workplace, in school, and in your personal life that you need to create a document (for example, a flyer or letter), but you are pressed for time.  Templates are your bff!  A template is a document that has already been designed with sample text, color, images, etc.

You simply **download** the template, **enable saving** if needed,  **Save** the template with an appropriate name, and **modify or change** it as needed.   Finally, you will have a professional document in less time than if you had started with a blank document!

There are pre-created documents (templates) for letters, reports, presentations, flyers, greeting cards, spreadsheets, resumes, etc.    Check out the website below:

Note: Templates are available in many software programs such as Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.  (within Word, Excel, or PowerPoint…….simply use the FILE tab, NEW option, and then use the Search box to search for a specific type of document such as a “resume” or other document of your choice) ~ Prof. Payne